About us

Quinqué is a project created by two qualified native Spanish Language Teachers living in Stockholm, Sweden. We offer tailor-made Spanish courses.



Vanessa Ruiz has a BA in Hispanic Philology from the University of Barcelona and a Masters Degree in Spanish as a Foreing Language from the UIMP-Instituto Cervantes. She has worked as a Spanish Teacher in Spain, Finland, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Sweden and has taught courses and workshops for SFL teachers. Her fields of research include the application of new technologies in the continuing education of SFL teachers. She currently teaches at the Cervantes Institute in Stockholm and writes about Linguistics and digital culture in the site Continuum.
Virginia Higa has a BA and BD in Literature and Linguistics from the University of Buenos Aires. She started teaching Spanish as a Foreign Language in 2006. She has worked in publishing and in cultural institutions. She currently lives in Stockholm where she teaches Spanish at the Cervantes Institute and works as a literary translator. Her short stories and reviews have been featured in anthologies and digital media. In 2018, her first novel, Los sorrentinos, was published by Editorial Sigilo.

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